No Living Room Blues

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No Living Room Blues

NARRATOR:Down in Fort Value, Texas,there's a housing increase.


You are now viewing No Living Room Blues, we really hope that you can find your design inspiration here and also, please dont forget to check out similar images down below, and also check other interesting post that we have just for you, our main goals is to please our visitors and We hope you enjoy your visit!

Please notice that we do not claim any copyrights for all images in this blog whatsoever, if you found an image that belong to you and you need to remove it please let us know. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. If you are the rightful owner of any of the pictures posted here, and you do not want it to be displayed or if you require a suitable credit, then please contact us and we will immediately do whatever is needed either for the image to be removed or provide credit where it is due

No Living Room Blues
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Offered, offered, offered! NARRATOR: Complete neighborhoodsare being rebuilt, and wheeler-dealers.

Lock it in.


You are now viewing No Living Room Blues, we really hope that you can find your design inspiration here and also, please dont forget to check out similar images down below, and also check other interesting post that we have just for you, our main goals is to please our visitors and We hope you enjoy your visit!

Please notice that we do not claim any copyrights for all images in this blog whatsoever, if you found an image that belong to you and you need to remove it please let us know. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. If you are the rightful owner of any of the pictures posted here, and you do not want it to be displayed or if you require a suitable credit, then please contact us and we will immediately do whatever is needed either for the image to be removed or provide credit where it is due

No Living Room Blues
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Are scooping up the oldhouses earlier than they're torn down and shifting them outto rework and flip for revenue.

It's a dangerous enterprise.

Now what? However right here in longhorn nation, there are a bunch of companiescompeting for the money.

They're flipping housesin document time.

And the great of us of Texascome from throughout.

Hope you prefer it.

To purchase bargains and movethem to their very own land.

And I say offered, offered, offered! [ Cheers and applause ] Cha-ching! It's flippin' 'n' movin', Texas-style.

[ Horn blares ] Only a few mileswest of Fort Value over the West ForkTrinity River, you'll discover the cityof White Settlement.

It was known as White Settlement as a result of the city was constructed near a Native-American settlement.

And it wanted a nameto differentiate it.

Couple of centuries on,and the identify White Settlement continues to be getting used.

There are all sortsof homes out right here — some new, some previous.

Up for public sale todayis one of many previous ones.

And whereas it could be previous,it certain is large — over 70 ft longand over 1,000 sq. ft.

CATRINA: I heard it wasa bigger construction.

Dad all the time informed me,anytime pulling as much as these — these homes, clearly,on the best way there, maintain in mindlooking on the roads, how large they’re,overhead obstructions, wires — stuff like that.

DONNA: Typically,neighbors come out.

And you’ll learna lot in an public sale in the event you simply listento individuals speak to every otherabout the home.

Discover out when the housewas constructed, possibly if it wasrecently reworked.


And if it's been vacant, precisely how longit's been vacant as a result of that may decide how good a shapea home is in.

Each time youget a home on the market, it turns into a moneymaker.

I'm fairly familiarwith the roads round right here.

So, heck, ain't gonna be farto take it to the lot.

Effectively,I assume that dadgum home is behind that gasoline station.

Are we buyingthis comfort retailer? No, no.

Oh, the housein the again, okay.


That's large.

That may be a large home.

Kinda seems talland lengthy, too.

TONI: Effectively, my first thoughtis, "Ugh.

" I'm proper up therewith you.

I believe this can be a wasteof ink on my pill.

Have a look at the halfof that roof.

CASEY: From whatI'm proper now, we haveold wooden home windows — which I likefor ornament functions.

CATRINA: Proper.

That appearsto be asbestos siding.

Man,I hate asbestos siding.

Anytime you're dealingwith asbestos, you gotta name ina hazardous waste firm to correctly have it eliminated.

And I do know that's gonnacost us a minimal of 5 grand to get that stuff eliminated.

RANDY: Hey, that's nota bad-looking home.

Inform you what, this isgonna be a good location.

TONI: The place do you start,the roof? The storage? First evaluation, slender simply to evenget it outta right here.


Second evaluation, excessive roof.

Third evaluation,storage down there, an add-onon this finish.

I — I don't know.

Let's — let's see if anyone elseis gonna be bidding on this.

I actually don't careif they’re or not.

I want someone elsewould win it.

Oh, seems likeasbestos siding on it.

CATRINA: I'm loving the heightof the plate line.

Simply having the structurebe that a lot taller, that's incrediblewhenever you stroll in.

And the final timewe had peak with one which was in Fort Value, keep in mind, we hadto reduce the roof out.


RANDY: Effectively, let's see.

That roof ain't too unhealthy a form.

Let's see whatwe're gonna have right here.

[ Whistles ] Gonna make that rascalabout 20 foot tall except I undersling it.

We’d like about70 ft of beam.

And it seems likewe have about 10 ft from hereto this property line.

CATRINA: And I don't eventhink you have got 70 ft earlier than you hitthat home.

Not even shut.

There's a complete lotthat's gotta be reduce off, reduce down, reduce up.

TONI: Yeah.

With the asbestos, the shifting value alone, not understanding if we gottatake the roof out or not, we're each little bit of $7,500in it proper now earlier than we even buythe factor.


Effectively right here, let's simply –let's keep optimistic.

It's received some diagonalwood put in there, some siding.

Seem like that ol'tongue and groove.

That's factor.

That makes that housestrong, stout to select up.

, all everyonesees round right here is issues, issues, issues.

And all I seeis cash, cash, cash.

Cha-ching! Home seems prefer it's gotpretty first rate bones.

And often, underneaththat asbestos siding, you gota fairly good construction.

So, heck, I believe I canmake cash outta this.

I certain hateto come all this fashion and never put one thing in,just a few bids.

You go to the dance, you don'twanna simply sit within the chair.

You'd wish to go dancing.

That's why you got here right here.

All proper.

We're gonna bid.

Nevertheless it's gonna be little.

If I can get itcheap sufficient, I'm gonna be in.

And I imply all-in.

I likethe dimension of the home.

I believe that makes itworth some cash.

The asbestos iswhat's scaring me.

I get it.

I get it.


what if we –what if we mentioned $500? CADE: All proper,women and gents.

Public sale time, public sale time.

Meet me on the steps.

Too late to speak about it now.

We simply wing it.

Thanks for popping out.

Up for bid right now, we gota stunning little cottage.

We received an add-onwith a storage.

Let's go, $50 bid.

[ Auctioneering ] Don't go nomore than that.

I don't thinkit's value it.

[ Auctioneering continues ] 450, last name.

Offered, 425.

DONNA:He wants this home.

TONI:That was a quick public sale.

Hey, quick sale,quick cash.

-Good luck.

-Good luck on this one,Randy.

You want it.

Whoo!We gonna see what we received right now.

Neat-looking hallway.

Wow, take a look at that eating room — a eating room for 2.

That’s small.

Effectively, I'm gonna dosomething with that wall.

See what we gotin this primary room.

Effectively, take a look at these home windows.

Not very energy-efficient.

However they’re awesome-looking.

Provides it that cottage lookfrom the skin.


Huge ol' closet.

Fairly good-size kitchen.

What can we received right here? Uh-oh.

What can we received right here? Uh-oh.

Gotta step down right here.


That's concrete.

That's the bottomof that dadgum flooring joist.

, concrete flooring,that's unhealthy information.

And constructing a subfloorin there and elevating it up, that prices cash, too.

I reckon what I'm gonna dois reduce this home in two and go away the half on theconcrete flooring the place it sits.

And I'm gonna transfer the remainder.

Oh, take a look at that knotty pine.

[ Whistles ] I can't take this room.

However I’m not gonna get ridof that knotty pine.


I purchased this home for $425.

There's $400 worthof knotty pine in there.

I'm forward of the sport.

Kitchen, eating room,entrance mattressroom, hallway.

Ooh, the tubroom.

That's a reasonably good-sizelittle tubroom.

Have a look at that ol'beadboard there.

I like that bathtub so far as beingable to step off in it.

That commode's outdated.

Let's go and see whatthe subsequent room seems like.

Fairly good-size mattressroom.

I'ma liking this.

Tall ceilings.

Love the home windows in right here.

Man, this factor'sfull of home windows.

Man, should've beena child's room.

Have a look at all thatblack and white.

[ Laughs ] I can keep in mind doing my room.

My mom had a match.

Now I do know why.

Good large mattressroom.

NARRATOR: The mattressroomssure are large.

Every one in every of themis round 150 sq. ft.

The kitchen is good-sized.

However the eating room and tubroomare each fairly small.

As for the residing room, laundry and garagein the add-on, they will't be movedeasily or cheaply.

They usually'll haveto be demolished.

I would like toget the asbestos off.

Get that finished.

Get the crew out right here, on the point of pickthis rascal up, get it moved outta hereand begin making some cash.

NARRATOR:The add-on's gonna come downbefore the home is moved.

However as a result of the sidingis asbestos, the demolition can't begin till the asbestos expertshave finished their work.

So that you're gonnademo that again half? Yeah, after which,we're gonna save every little thing can 'trigger it's received someknotty pine in there.

And it's received some oldshiplap siding in there.

So we're gonna attempt to save that.

In order that's why I figured, "Heck, if we are able to do itall at one time, that'd be the wayto do it, you recognize.

" Effectively, you wouldn'thave been in a position to save something in the event you woulda began demoon that with the asbestos on it.

When you demo with asbestos,all the fabric turns into contaminated and hasto be disposed of correctly.

NARRATOR: If Randy wantsto save the shiplap and knotty pine, he's gonna have toget shifting actual fast, as a result of he can't startdoing any demo as soon as the asbestos workhas began.

Randy's group solely has an hourto strip the within of the home earlier than the asbestos teamgets to work.

4 hours later andwith the asbestos all gone, what's left of the add-oncan come down.

The remainder of the home –about 800 sq. ft of it — is now locked and loadedonto the again of the truck.

At over 20 ft excessive, the home is excessive enoughto convey down an influence line.

The black pipe stretchingfrom the entrance of the trailer to the highest of the houseguides the cables up and over.

However there's no harmin giving it a serving to hand.

Lastly, the houseis on the street.

However 10 miles additional on, it's the visitors lightsthat are getting in the best way.

Then, it's full velocity forward.

A few hours laterand simply because the solar is setting, the home makes itto the lot.

Vivid and earlythe subsequent morning, it's time to get began.

Come on, boss.

They're working now.

You may take a look at them.

Look, look, look.

Quantity-one employee.

You higher be working.

You retain this clownon the clock on a regular basis? -I do.

He's a goofball.

-All proper.


Hey, this isa handsome home, boss.

Drawback is,we received a three-bedroom home.


And everybodywants three mattressrooms.

However the actual difficulty is,there ain't no residing room.


I imply, when youcome proper on this home, you recognize whatyou're caught with? Proper therein the eating room.

So, you recognize, we gottagive up a mattressroom.

We're gonna cutan opening right here.

And we're gonna makethis the residing room, a pleasant 6-foot opening.

Okay, we're not knockingthe wall out? -Not knocking the wall out.

-We're not opening it.

-Proper right here.


Throughout hereand again down right here.

And what we're losingis a mattressroom.

However what we're gainingis a residing room.

And that's moneyin the financial institution since you gottahave a residing room.

Acquired to havea residing room.

?After which, what we'll do, we're gonna go away this dooropening proper right here.



So this residing room,this closet comes out.

I really like these home windows.

However we're gonna haveto replace them.

After which to make itmore open, slightly thanknock that down and must dealwith the kitchen, I'm gonna puta window field in there, the place you’ll be able to seefrom the kitchen and residing roomforwards and backwards.

That approach, when the kidsare in there, Mama can maintain an eyeon the children, no matter, or firm.

That approach, it's notopen thataway.

Nevertheless it's open within the factthat you’ll be able to see.

Sufficient whereit's seen.

And it's gonna be,like, 6 foot proper over right here.

Effectively, you ain't asking usto do something, Randy.

Effectively, we're gonnasave most of it.

However we're gonnachange it up.

We don't haveto take away partitions.

And, uh, nicely,that is new.

RANDY: So this right here'sthe eating room.

However the issue is,it's so dadgum small.

So I wanna actually openthis up into the kitchen.

So we takingthis wall out? No, we're not.

What do you imply,no, we're not? Effectively,right here's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna push thisback just a little bit.

-All proper? Okay.


After which, we're gonnamake a pony wall again right here.

And, uh,that'll open this up, take all of it the best way upacross right here, again downabout proper right here.

-There we go.

-So, you recognize — How far again? Oh, you recognize.

Only a few ft? Want like a 6-foot,thereabouts.

So it'll open this up.

And it'll make this feela lot greater, you recognize? Okay.

Sure, sir.

What I wanna dois maintain these cupboards proper throughout right here.


All of the built-ins.

-Yeah, all of the built-ins.


Now we're gonnachange out the decrease.


All of the wayacross and round.

Simple peasy.


What're you gonna dowith these home windows? Oh, we're gonnakeep the home windows.

We'll paintand replace them.

Proper, however you gonna put threewindows again within the kitchen? -Yeah, in all probability.

-Why not? I'm selecting lightover cupboard area.

-What do you suppose?-I prefer it.

Anyway,right here within the tubroom, what — what we'regonna take a look at right here is, we're gonna takeall the fixtures out.


-All these fixtures, gonna go away the design,construction identical to it’s.

And what we received leftis two mattressrooms.

And I'm speaking'bout giant mattressrooms.

-Good-sized rooms.

-That's a plus.

NARRATOR: So right here'sRandy's plan.

The 2 mattressroomscertainly are giant.

They usually'll simply needa patch and paint.

The third mattressroom, although,will turn out to be a residing room with a gap throughto the hallway and a window boxinto the kitchen.

There'll be one other opening and a breakfast barinto the eating room.

And the tubroomshall be gutted and rebuilt.

In order that coversall the mattressrooms, kitchen room, eating room,residing room.

However now, what's beenon my thoughts all night time lengthy was that it brokeand rained final night time.

And we gotthat complete finish open.

So let's rise up thereand have a look in that attic and see how a lot harm,if any, we received up there.

All proper.

NARRATOR: Two inchesof rain fell final night time.

And with the roof area uncovered, who is aware of whatthe harm could possibly be.

So rise up there and takea look and see what we're at.

God canine it, Randy.

How a lot rain did you get? It's kinda unhealthy.

RANDY: As a result of it brokeand rained final night time.

And we gotthat complete finish open.

So let's rise up thereand have a look in that attic and see how a lot harm,if any, we received up there.

All proper.

God canine it, Randy.

How a lot rain did you get? It's kinda unhealthy.

Let me have a look.

'Trigger, I imply,it feels like — No surprise I didn't haveno work down right here.

See all that I see? It ain't that unhealthy,is it? No, I can't seenothing nowhere.

Effectively, you dadgum,you hornswoggler.

Man, why do youtell me all this? Don't you knowI received hypertension, getting me upset like that? Ah, it don't look unhealthy, Randy.

Simply minimal.

All proper.

Effectively, right here's whatwe're gonna must do.

Let's getthis closed up.

And we're gonna must getthis braced off in right here and convey it again downto that header.

Let's shut this find yourself, makesure we received vent right here.


NARRATOR: Closing inthe roof area will solely takea couple of hours.

And whereas it's not raining, it's good to let itall dry out a bit.

Till then, there'sdemo work to be finished.

Effectively, we all know we gonnabreak it right here someplace.

NARRATOR:Beneath previous drywall, there's all the time somehidden surprises.

BARRY: There you go.

NARRATOR: There arenice surprises, like fashionable wiringthat's as much as code.

Effectively, we received goodwire there, Randy.

And thereare unhealthy surprises.

See? Over there — Like what could possibly be previous wiringhidden behind the wall.

We're gonna haveto pull the field off this.

Simply get a screwdriver and pullthat facet and check out it.


If there may be previous wiring, the wall will needto come down and all of the wiringwill must be changed.

Why within the Sam Hill would you dosomething like that? BARRY: So we gotmetal bins within the backside.

After which we've gotplastic ones up on prime,which is an improve.

Let's gopull one other one.

We gotta determine this out.

There seemsto be each previous and new wiringthroughout the home.

That's what I assumed.

Have a look at that.

There's a hearth,proper there, buddy.

That's burnt in two.

Barry, that's gonnabe an issue.

We're gonna change outall that wiring as a result of that gained'tpass code anyplace.

And I ain't gonna flip aroundand put a home collectively that's received that kindawiring in it.

We will't –we can't afford the danger.

-You bought a hearth hazard right here.


So there's no useeven doing something till we getthe electrical finished.


Get thatelectrician on the horn.

Let's get him out right here,let's discover out what we received 'trigger I gota timeframe to satisfy.

That deadline'sgonna eat me up.

RANDY: Man,I ain't received no alternative besides to rewirethis complete dadgum home.

, it ain't simply the costof an electrician that hurts.

It's the truth that I gottapull all that drywall down after which put all of it again up.

That's nothing however cash,cash, cash — and time.

NARRATOR: Two hours laterand the cavalry's arrived.


-What's happening? Man, I don't know.

We received — might need a seriousproblem right here on this electrical.

I reckon I'm wanting downthe barrel at $5,000 on prime of the asbestos.

That's a giant chunkof my revenue.

What it seems likethey did right here is, they simply — It's all disconnectedand reduce.


They usually simply leftthese previous bins in there.

So that you're sayingthat's good? -This, we are able to simply ripthis out.


It seems likethey reworked 'trigger that is comingfrom the attic.


So it lookslike we simply reduce possibly just a little spotoutta right here, do away with theseboxes round right here and get it patched up.

You simply saved mea ton of cash, ton of cash.

I — I assumed sureas the world, we had been boxesthat had been jumped over to that.

-I've seen that finished earlier than.

-Oh, yeah.

And it gained'tpass code anyplace.

No, sir.

Effectively, it turns outall these burnt shops? Man, they've alreadybeen rewired, changed, received new wire.

All the pieces's as much as code.

I don't must do nothing.

That brings $5,000again in my pocket.

Phew! Made my day.

NARRATOR: With $5,000again in Randy's pocket, there's no stopping him now.

Opening the wallbetween the hallway and residing roomis a straightforward repair.

Randy saved the upperkitchen cupboards to allow them to beput again in later.

Till then, there'san opening to be made for a brand new breakfast bar.

All proper, Barry.

Right here's the plan.

We're gonna jerkthese home windows right here out.

I wanna save them 'trigger I gotanother undertaking down the street.

So let's don't tear them up.

We reduce them out.

After which we needto reframe that and set up these newwindows proper right here.


NARRATOR: All of the previous windowsin the home will want refurbishingbefore they are often reused.

Save these weights.

These are antiques.

There are individuals stillwanting home windows like this.

They usually're lookingfor these previous weights.

Imagine it or not,they're value cash.

NARRATOR: As soon as they've beenrestored, the home windows, together with the counterweights, shall be wortha few thousand bucks.

However there's one catch.

Take it — take it outon that facet over there.

NARRATOR: The home windows needto keep in a single piece.

This thingdon't really feel excellent.

Not very sturdy.

We'll have tobe cautious with it.

Grasp on.

I'ma set it downright right here.


All proper.

I'll come out thereand show you how to.

Barry! What are you doing? Is it closing day? Let's see if we canget this'n out intact.

All proper.

NARRATOR: The househas 17 home windows.

Six of them are in good enoughcondition to maintain.

However 11 of themwill get replaced with fashionable home windows that match the styleof the previous ones.

The kitchen will beflooded with mild from three large home windows.

It'll even be flooded with lightfrom the window field between the kitchenand the residing room.

This holein the wall? -Yeah?-It's a design characteristic.

Communication for peopleto have the ability to — You gonna puta good countertop up there? , if we put a barin there, and somebody is available in, the homebuyer,they could not like that.

So if we simply doa cased opening, then the optionis there for them.

Any approach you take a look at it, it'sgonna be a win-win state of affairs.

So simply go away it open.

Let a few of them have a — a spot for his or her imaginationto go to work, you recognize.

And — and –and worst-case state of affairs, they arrive again in hereand put Sheetrock again over it, shut it again in.

A window field slightly thana counter or a doorway makes furnishingthe residing room simpler as a result of there’ll nonetheless bea wall to position a settee in opposition to.

Let's take away this tub.

Heck, you recognize you saving.

Look there.

It's gota gap already in it.

So we are able to reduce it out,part it outta there.

However we're gonna go away thiscloset, go away this linen closet.

And don’t damagethis door.

It's demo timeeverywhere in the home.

Now it's the turnof the tubroom.

The previous bathtub's surroundis as stable as they arrive.

Look behindthe dadgum bathe and take a look at how stable.

Ain't no mould.

Nah,this factor is sweet.

Ain't no mildew.

Ain't no rot.

Ain't no Barry serving to.

[ Laughs ] No room for me.

NARRATOR: Three or fourthousand bucks spent within the tubroomis simple cash on the subject of flippingbecause if it's finished nicely, a reworked tubroom ought to add 5 or 6 grandto the promoting worth.

Work's rockin' alongside.

The roof cavity has driedout sufficient to shut it in.

And there's a complete lottawork happening downstairs.

In reality, far more workthan Randy anticipated.

What? Barry,the place is the Sheetrock? What? Barry,the place is the Sheetrock? Effectively, we received in right here.

And I assumed we may patch.

And I received to wanting.

It's gonna look so unhealthy.

And I received talkingto Rutger's.

And I believe it wascheaper to tear it up and have them go new.

So we're reallynot outta time? -We received —Effectively, just a little bit.

However I believe we gonnasave in the long term.

And we getbetter-quality job, too.

That's the largest thingwhat I used to be considering.

I'm all aboutthe high quality, you recognize.

We gotta have that.

NARRATOR: Drywallingthe complete home will take simply 1 day.

So changing itinstead of patching it has ended up savinga load of time and including a load of high quality.

However that's not the lastof the Barry surprises.

Effectively, I received moregood, excellent news.

-Extra excellent news?-Yeah, however look.

Do you rememberthe previous cupboard that was proper there that youwanted me to do away with? On the facet of this thingwas a trapdoor.

A what? A trapdoor,I don't know.

Like a secret compartment? Like a secretcompartment, sure.

See? After I pulledthat factor up, and I received to wanting round,uh, that's good, proper? Effectively, ain't nothing goodabout an empty compartment.

I imply, that's fairly neat.

However, you recognize — Look what I discovered.

You discovered thisin there? I mentioned I discovered it.

No, go forward, take a look at it.

You're proper.

I spent cash on SheetrockI in all probability shouldn'ta.

You discovered $100value of checks in there? Isn't that one thing? NARRATOR: The traveler's checksare over 30 years previous.

However as a result of theyhaven't been signed, they're pretty much as good as money, making it Randy's fortunate day.

That'll assist meon the Sheetrock.

I imply, heck.

Recognize it, you recognize.

Finders keepers,losers weepers.

You discovered it.

And I'm retaining it.


Discuss to you later.


$100 — Whoo!That ain't so unhealthy.

Rattling proper.

[ Laughs ] New drywallis reworking the within of the housein just some hours.

And on the skin, new siding has given the housea new lease on life.

-You bought it in your mark?-Sure, sir.

It's gonna look goodwith the brand new tiles on it.

Inform you what, any timeyou put a brand new face on a home.

It seems good,ain't it? You speak new cash.


-Folks prefer it.

I prefer it.

On prime of the brand new sidinggoes new paint.

The one query is –which colour? RANDY: Hmm.

I gotta seethis different colour.

Let's see.

What within the worldare you doing? With so dadgum many colorsto decide from, and these are the three choicesI give you.

And people arethe three you give you? I imply, in the event you go upthere and do like this the place you canblock them others out.

-That's what you had been doing.


The place do youlearn these things from? The way you — Effectively, you gottablock out every little thing.

I received three colours.

I like all three of them.

However I'm actually — I'm actually stuckon the one within the middle right here.

So what do you suppose? I do –I really like that colour.

-You suppose?-Yeah, army inexperienced.

Why not? NARRATOR: Navy inexperienced it’s.

And to smarten up the roof, three,000 bucks worthof brand-new metallic sheets.

RANDY: Hey, Merle,how's it going? Hey, Randy, howdy.

You're herejust in time.

All proper.

Why? You gonnaput me to work now? Completely.

Hey, I believe I'm gonna gowith that bone white.

Okay,it's a pleasant white, shiny,displays the warmth.

You alwaysdo job.

And also you all the time do itin a well timed method.

Watch that warmth.

Sustain the great work.

Thanks, Merle.

You're welcome.

NARRATOR: A lightweight,shiny roof will assist to maintain the home cool.

And it'll look its finest when it's contrasted witha darker colour on the siding.

Inside, the kitchen'scoming collectively.

Be sure that these thingsget arrange good.

Randy's retaining someof the previous higher cupboards.

However the lowersand the higher cupboards alongside one wall are all new.

The brand new tub has gone in.

And new tiling is replacingthe previous plastic tub encompass.

Hey, that's lookingpretty good, Mario.



-Prefer it.

Oh, get itbumped on the market.

Sure, sir.

All proper.

Let's see how that's gonna look.

Man, I thinkthat's gonna work out excellent.


That's a pleasant, tight match.

Couldn't ask for anythingany higher than that.

NARRATOR: A lot of the finishesare fairly standard — white tiles on the partitions,darker tiles on the flooring and shiny whiteon the kitchen cupboards.

I like the sunshine colour,the white.

It provides it that ethereal feeling,you recognize, opens it up.

In order that's what –that's what we received in thoughts.

However Randy's thinkinghe wants a splash of colour.

And he desires his contractorBarry's son to assist out.

I received large plansfor this countertop.

You thinkingmarble or granite? Oh, no, no.

Manner higher than that.

I imply, that is gonna be –Once you take a look at that, it's gonna changeyour complete focus about granite and marble.

We're gonna do somethingdifferent this time.

A mosaic tile.


You ever doneanything like that? Sure, sir.

I received a pair yearsof tile expertise.

-Actually?-I do.

So that you knowhow to do this, proper? Sure, sir.

I wanna putsome sea glass in there.

I believe that's gonnalighten every little thing up.

Boy, you’ll be able to seethe daylight coming in there, it's simply gonna bounceright off of that.


NARRATOR:Sea glass is the damaged glassfrom previous bottles that had been thrown intothe sea a few years in the past.

After 20 or extra yearsof climate within the surf, the glass takes on a softand frosted look.

Now, what colour groutare you considering of doing on this factor? I like white.

, have that ethereal look.

, whereit's actual clear.

And that lighthits that tile, it's gonna bounceright off the highest of it.

, talking of white,I received my counter tops.

They usually're gonnamatch the grout.

The sunshine-coloredcountertops Randy's chosen together with the white cabinetsand white partitions will definitely make the kitchenfeel spacious and ethereal.

Nevertheless it could possibly be a caseof an excessive amount of of factor.

RANDY: Man, I don't know.

I really feel likeI'm at Casper's home.

, Casperthe pleasant ghost.

-All the pieces's white.

-Sure, sir.

With the mosaic lookand this countertop, I assumed that wouldreally make that stand out.

Nevertheless it's — it's not.

I would like one thing just a little bit darker hereto make a transition.

The nice factor aboutflipping a great deal of homes is, you all the time have somespare items of lumber, tile and countertoplying round.

Simply so occurs that Randyhas a chunk of walnut he was in a position to reduce downto the fitting size.

RANDY: Oh, yeah.

That give me the pop,proper there.


-I like that.

-That's it.

'Trigger I thinkthat's gonna set that off just a little bit extra.

All he must do now’s order some morewalnut countertop for the remainder of the kitchen.

Till it arrives,it's again to portray.

I'm glad we went aheadand re-Sheetrocked this.

Don't must worryabout all them patchwork in all places.

Good, easy floor.

All in all,I believe Barry was proper.

I imagine we saved some cash.

NARRATOR: Whereas Randy's paintingthe inside, younger Cody's startedon the skin, portray all of it his dad'schoice of army inexperienced.

-You rolling that on?-Sure, sir.


Effectively, I'd surelike it’s sprayed.

However let's take a look at itand see what you bought.

All proper.

Inform me what you suppose,Mr.


I thinkI made a mistake.

I thinkI made a mistake.

I believe I shouldchange the colour.

With the grey and the inexperienced,it's not standing out.

I've received no pow.


Maintain on the paint.

Let's take a look at it.

I believe we have to gowith the — that grey.

Yeah, I thinkyou're proper, Randy.

'Trigger you look in there,and also you take a look at this.

I don't thinkit's gonna work.

NARRATOR: Altering overto a grey colour on the skin will tie inwith the within colour scheme.

And it'll makethe shiny roof and the white trimaround the home windows stand out much more.

The remainder of the walnutcountertop is already down.

And the grey tile backsplashwith contrasting white grout is wanting sensible.

Now for the fixtures.

Effectively,I like these new taps.

They're lots easierto use.

Mm-hmm, yeah.

Extra user-friendly,faster to put in.


-Acquired that? -Acquired this facet.

-Stroll it round.

Drop it offin there.


You guess.

On the ground,it's walnut-colored laminate to go along with the walnutcountertops.

And to maintain the flowthrough the home, it's the samewalnut-colored flooring that's going downin the residing room.

This can be a lotta lightthat is available in right here, -Isn't it?-Oh, yeah.

Effectively, you recognize,once you first are available in, all you had was this — this room and this one doorthat was simply blocked in.

This was simply likea mattressroom, you recognize? After knockingthat wall out after which slicing a holeover right here, it simply ope– it modified the entire lookof this home.

I believe it's reallygonna repay.

Oh, yeah.

It's completely different,you recognize? A neutral-colored houseis all about enjoying it secure as a result of the home will appealto a broad vary of consumers.

But when the flipperisn't cautious, the home can finish uplooking uninteresting.

So Randy has a planto jazz up the home just a little with a big,custom-made mirror.

All proper.

What we're gonna do is,we're gonna sq. this up over right here and make surethat mirror's gonna slot in right here.

So let's get thatmirror over right here.

And watch out.

We don'twanna break that rascal.

The mirror'sgoing into the tubroom.

And it'll have the bonus effectof making the small tubroom really feel a complete lot greater.

Put that in proper right here.

The houseis slowly coming collectively in time for the public sale.

And within the eating room,the built-in drawers and cabinets that werein the unique home have been rebuiltjust the best way they had been, completewith the key compartment.

Jessy, come right here.

Y'all didn't closethat secret compartment up? No, we simply thoughtwe'd go away it open.

-Depart it open?-Yeah.

Thoughtyou would possibly prefer it.

Effectively, I inform you what.

That provides me an thought.

Y'all didn't closethat secret compartment up? No, we simply thoughtwe'd go away it open.

Depart it open? Yeah.

Thoughtyou would possibly prefer it.

Effectively, I inform you what.

That provides me an thought.

What I'm gonna dois put again what I received, besides it's gonna bea crisp $100 invoice — actual cash.

NARRATOR: So what goes aroundcomes round.

Randy's gonna pay forwardthat $100.

And also you by no means know –it could convey him a little bit of luck on the public sale.

And that approach,if somebody ever remodels or they discover it,it's gonna be a shock.

It'll be like that — that, you recognize,novelty you run alongside there.

And hastily,you discover one thing.

And it'll make your day.

'Trigger it made mine.

I imply, you recognize, it helpedwith the Sheetrock.

As a lot cash as we'regonna make on this home, heck, I may morethan try this.

What's more likely to convey Randymost luck on the public sale is a truckload of furnitureto convey the home to life.

Bringing the kitchen to lifeare some shiny, new home equipment.

And bringingthe exterior to life, all you want is a truckloadof rigorously positioned bushes.

One final thing to do,and that's to tick all of the bins to verify the househas no hidden surprises, besides, in fact, for that $100 hidden surprisein the key compartment.

You may't inform nobodyabout this.

You perceive? I'm notgonna say nothing.

All proper.

And don't come backhere and get this.

This can be a shock.

Offered, offered, offered! Can't wait to listen to that sound.

Don't let me down, pig.

NARRATOR: With a fortunate pigand a fortunate $100 notice, the one factor that'smissing proper now’s a fortunate purchaser.

The colour scheme is sweet.

It's up to date, up to date.

The metallic roofis a pleasant addition.

Type of a weekenderis what I'm actually on the lookout for.

And this houseis nice for that.

WOMAN:We’re on the lookout for a housefor our land in east Texas.

We love the skin.

The colour,the paint is ideal.

NARRATOR:The skin of the housecost Randy a small fortune.

Demolishing the add-on,eradicating the asbestos, new siding throughout,new paint, new home windows and a brand new roof set himback nicely over $13,000.

MAN: We're lookingfor our first dwelling.

Simply received jobs,that kinda factor.

So we're simply lookingfor a home to kinda settle downand transfer into.

WOMAN: Once you stroll in,you see the window field, which leadsto the kitchen, which is de facto openand inviting for entertaining company and actually maintainsthat open format, which I actually loved.

After I'm slavingin the kitchen and also you're chillingon the sofa — Yeah.

'Trigger that's how issues work.

NARRATOR:Creating the window field and the openingto the hallway had been low cost — just some hundred bucks.

The laminate flooring,drywall and paint plus rebuilding the drawers, cabinets and hidden compartmentbrought the full for the residing and eating areas upto four,300 bucks.

I really like the mosaic.

That's a creative contact that Iwouldn't have considered doing.

It's a pleasant contact of colorthat kinda — It's completely different thanthe remainder of the home.

-So it's a pleasant contact.


NARRATOR: The mosaic sea glasscountertop solely value 150 bucks.

A few of the cabinetswere reused.

However the others had been allcost-effective customary sizes.

Add to them the fee ofthe laminate flooring, counter tops, tiles, sinks and fixtures, and the kitchencame to $5,100.


It's a very nice mirror.

I believe the tubroomis big for a home this dimension.

There's room for 2 peopleto prepare within the morning.

We gained't be fightingover area.

The tubroom hadto be rebuilt from scratch.

Vainness, laminate countertop, fixtures, tuband tiles value three,600, plus one other 90 bucksfor Randy's custom-made mirror.

We had been actually surprisedby the dimensions of the mattressrooms.

The grasp mattressroomwas loads of room for us to place ourking-size mattress, in all probability.

And the mattressrooms,they're simply each spacious.

And if she desires to bringa good friend along with her, there's loads of roomfor them to hang around.

The 2 mattressroomsare king-sized.

And which means a princelycost for the flooring, drywall and paint –coming to $three,300.

Randy purchased the housefor simply $425.

Nevertheless it's a giant home.

And it value him nearly6 grand to maneuver it.

The largest value of all, although, was the rework,at over 33 grand.

So Randy's gonna be lookingfor at the very least 40 grand earlier than he'll startto really feel fortunate.

Lone Wolf.

Hey, how's it going? I'm doing good.

How are you doing? Ah, we're doing good now we gotthis complete home completed.

Effectively, what dowe gotta have for it? Anythingnorth of 45,000.


Something lower than that,overlook it.

Effectively, we received a reasonably goodmarket happening on the market.

Let's let the bidderstell us what it's value.

-How 'bout it?-I'm prepared.

Let's do it.

Let's do it.

Get it going.

Promote it right now.

Public sale time,public sale time! Girls and gents,it's public sale time.

Are you readyto have an public sale? My identify is Myers Jackson,I’m the auctioneer.

And I wanna welcomeyou out right here to a different scorching dayin Fort Value, Texas.

However we're gonna promote this houseright right here behind us.

As all the time, we sellthese homes as-is, where-is,with any and all faults.

Which means in the event you go in thereand you discover a wallaby within the water closet,hey, don't flush him, 'trigger he's cute! And he's gonna be yours.

Are you prepared to begin bidding? I'm glad you’re,'trigger we solely gonna begin the bidding at $20,000 right now.

Who would be the first one?Thanks, proper right here.

[ Auctioneering ] Come on.

Come on, transfer it up.

[ Auctioneering ] Come on, transfer it up.

We gotta getnorth of 45.

Now 42 half.

Get again in, 42 1/2You can beat 45.

Oh, there it’s.

There we’re.

-Now let's go extra.

-[ Auctioneering ] Now I'm gettinga paycheck.

Come on,convey it up there, yeah.

Ma'am, I believe you are able to do it.


53, I received you.

Now 4.

Ooh, yeah.

Girls and gents,I do know it's scorching out right here.

It's hotter than a Bull Hog rooting aroundan electrical wire fence.

However all you gotta dois bid yet one more time.

-We're going to —55.

-55 —55, I'm liking that.




She's saying do it.

She received the permission.


Yet another time, 56,000.

-56 once more.


-All proper!-57,000.

Who'll give me 57,000? [ Auctioneering ] 57.

You say, "No.

"And I say offered, offered, offered! Cha-ching! $56,000 offered.


Effectively, congratulations.

I hoped y'allwould get that home.

We’re, like,on cloud 9 that this houseis now ours.

These countertopsare for mermaid, like me.

Sure, you gotyour mermaid counter tops.

It's simply excellent.

It's likesomebody requested us what we needed and put itall on this dwelling for us.

And we simply can't wait.

NARRATOR: Randy spent justunder 40 grand on his home.

And with a sale priceof 56 grand, he's within the moneyto the tune of $16,285.

Appears like paying it forwardwith that $100 invoice has made it payday for Randy.


-Hey, what's occurring? One other salefor you, man.

Hey, we did fairly good.

Made cash.



-Fairly good?!-Yeah.

Are you kidding?That was unimaginable.

Oh, hey,that's the best way it's gotta be.

When you're gonna do that,you gotta earn money.

Hey, fortunate for us, we're definitelyin a vendor's market.

Oh, yeah.


-So —Yep.

I can't waitto see the within, although.

You wanna seewhat I did to the within? -Sure, please.

-I'd wish to.

Bear in mind: You solely –you missed simply by 25 bucks.

[ Laughs ] Uh, women first.

Age earlier than magnificence.

Hey, anytime.


Randy,that is attractive.




-Man, oh, man.

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