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Living Room With a View : 0 12

My title'sMonica Potter.

And these are my three sisters.



Let me see.

We're all actually bizarre.

So we're gonna bewalking down the road.

"Acquired my stickums.

" Three years in the past,I moved again to my hometownof Cleveland, Ohio.

For me, household is every thing.

Being from whereI'm from is without doubt one of the most magical placesto develop up.

Each household knew one another.

All of us had every others' backs.

It's laborious to search out that now.

That is the housewe grew up in.

And right here it’s.

We offered the house in 1987.

And for the final 5 years,it had been deserted.

And I've at all times wantedto purchase the home again.

I couldn't let it go.

That is our residence.

, that is our coronary heart.

Lastly, after 30 years,it was again within the household.

I'm goin' in.

However we by no means expectedwhat we'd discover inside.

Mother, your eating roomdesk's nonetheless right here.

Oh, my God.

Our outdated stuff was nonetheless right here.

Oh, my God, the wallpaper.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God.


We're restoring it collectively.

Right here goes nothin'.

Room by room.





That is my household.

That is our residence.

And that is our journey.

House is the place the center is.

And that is whereour coronary heart is.

We're headinginto Cleveland now.

And I'm actually excitedhow the home is coming alongside.

We've already finishedthe kitchen and eating room.

And subsequent, we're tacklingthe dwelling room and lobby.

Hello, guys.


Hey, there.

All proper.



I’ve plans for you.

And I’ve plans for you.

That's whatI'm afraid of.

The dwelling room wasmy father's area.

Residing room was the place we had all of our household celebrations: Christmas, Easter.

Wasn't a giant house.

It was the place we gathered.

We had little plasticbunnies for Easter.

We had Easter-egg hunts.

Felt elves.

We had felt elves.

What are the plansfor this room? We're going to addexterior French doorways.

We'll maintain this window and add a further windowto carry in additional gentle.

My mother and pa at all times wantedto open up that again wall.

By including these doorways, we'll be capable to open the roomto the again porch and watch the sunsetover Lake Erie.

We're going to paintthe fire white to provide it a clear lookand brighten the room.

We'll refinish the floorby sanding it down and matching the unique stain to carry again its traditional allure.

The mirror, it was therewhen we have been youngsters.

And having 5 womenin the home, we would have liked to fightfor mirror house.

I wanna take it down.

After which I wanna put upa body of some kind.

And I feel that'sBrigette's challenge.

I feel simply to make ita little bit smaller could be good.


This wall, proper right here,I'm gonna want your assist since you're the artist.

Our plan is to hangpicture rails, a sequence of shallow cabinets that we are able to show all ofour outdated household pictures on.

On this room, to mirror whatwe're doing within the kitchen, we're gonna dothe similar shade scheme.

So good, gentle blues,gentle grays, whites simply to maintain itreally clear and crisp and alluring.

Let's go to the lobby.

The very first thing, although,I wanna do in right here, which this room is kind of, like, it's at all times forgotten.

And I wanna carry lifeback to it.

Okay? My mother and father putin this brown carpeting.

And it turned kind of orangeover the years.

All of the carpeting right here goes.

I imply, clearly.

However I'm saying,you're not gonna recarpet it.

It's gonna be hardwood.



We're gonna do all hardwood.

We'll take up the outdated carpeting, refinish the steps and put patterned decalson the risers that keep withinthe shade scheme of the home.

On this nook, we're goingto make a lobby bench by taking the outdated doorfrom the dwelling room, reduce it all the way down to measurement,set up a built-in bench and put some vintagehooks above it.


So the primary thingwe're gonna begin demoing: the carpet, the linoleum,the again wall.

I'm gonna knock a wall out.

Sister sledge.

Good type.


I used to be a dancerwhen I used to be little.


I used to be a big dancer.


I wasn't these tiny.

You have been a husky dancer.

I used to be a husky dancer.

There ya go.


There you go.

I like the demo course of.

It'll by no means bethe similar once more.

However after we wentthrough that first swing, the primary push, like,it was like labor.

You simply give a coupleof good pushes.

You need to.

Ow, my elbow.

And also you're reborn.



Use this to tug.



There are nails.

What's underneath right here? Like, gum? I imply, come on.



Oh, no.

What’s going on? No.

It's unhealthy.

It's unhealthy.

I'm gonna pee.

What’s going on? We're each — can heareach different's respiratory like Darth Vader.

Gotta pee.

Did you pee? No.

She did extra.

I did a little bit.

I couldn't breathein my masks.

And I couldhear her respiratory.


And I peed a little bit bit.

Oh, no.

Mirror day.

What do you wannado with it? Mirror challenge.

Andy, our contractor, he initially walked via the home with meright after I purchased it.

So what I wanna do is Iwanna take this mirror down.

This mirror could be very sacred.

We won’t letthis mirror break.

If it crashes, we're.


We're in hassle.

Our butts are grass.

That mirror is sentimental as a result of it was therewhen we have been youngsters.

So wanna carry it again and simply kind ofmake it new once more.

We must always put the wrapon it first.


Two blondesand a mirror.


All proper, so.

We'll put that there.

I'll keep watch over it whileyou guys are unscrewin' it.

Now, we're gonna go aheadand pull it away.


So now we're gonna go aheadand pull it away.

ANDY:There's an air pocket there.

We don't — how ya –how ya doin', Mon? Good.

Let me get itfrom the underside.

Brige, you bought the topand the underside? I'm so happythat this didn’t break.

I'll discover the body for this.

So you bought your glass cutter all lined up, proper? Precisely.

He'll be by later todayto come and decide it up.



And reduce itto no matter sizes we’d like.

MONICA:Kerry is my child sister.

And he or she's gonna be serving to outon the steps as we speak.

These look lovely.

Have a look at all of the lightwe're gonna get, huh? So we're going to place intwo lovely French doorways.

And I like being ableto see the lake, let the sunshine are available.

Simply to ensure.

When anyone faucets like that,we name 'em a woodpecker.

Peck, peck, peck,peck, peck, peck.

I'm a woodpecker.

Your hammering skillshave gotten higher.

I feel that is superior.

So right here ya go.


I'm gonna go take a pop break.

You try this.

For these folks that don't reside within the Midwest,meaning soda.



Come on, girls.


In right here, what I wanna do is I wanna take the outdated door that we had upagainst the wall.

That one proper right here.

Proper? Yep.

That was the one.

I'm going to chop it downto measurement so it'll match.

I'm gonna add a couple of hooks.

After which, in right here,I need you to put in a bench with some room for storage.

I’ll have my carpenter do it.


And I wanna get, you recognize, just a bit sitting areawith a cupboard space for, like, hats, coats, Jessica's wigs,issues like that.

Okay? By paintingthe fire white, it’s gonna openup the entire room 'trigger we're making it extra openand ethereal and brighter.

All proper, Mock.

We’ve got numerous actually coolold household pictures.

And we've neverdisplayed 'em, actually.

What could be cool to dois a household image wall.

MONICA: Mm-hmm.

Jess is making an image rail for us to set ourfamily pictures on.

Let's do that.

To see it.

It's an effective way so as to add a little bit architectureto the room.

And since all of us haveso many nice household pictures, it'll be a very nice method to carry all of them togetherinto one house.

So proper there.

After which it might come round.

Love this complete challenge.



I'm gonna get crackin'.

So I'm on the mirrorproject within the dwelling room.

What I did was cutdown the mirror.

And that is gonna body it.

This mirror has been right here since we boughtthe home in 1971.

After we obtained the home again, the mirror's nonetheless there.

I like this element, right here.

It's gonna look actually nicewith the white paint over it.

I painted the body white.

And I'm letting that dry.

Now I'm gonna put some liquid, uh, glue on the backof this Masonite.

And the mirror's gonna mountonto the again of that.

The trick to thisis spreading it in order that there's no lumpsshowing on the mirror.

So I'm simply takin' the washer and securing the, uh, body to the mirror.

By the top of this, I'm goingto be jack of all trades, grasp of none.

I adore it.

I hope that my sistersand my mother will too.

Right here we come withthe massive sander.

My first title is Sandy.

My final title's Sanderson.

She's on it.

All righty.

So, Aaron, I waswatching you do that.

I wanna give it a shot.

I'm actually nervous! Aaron is the one which hadthe massive sanding machine, was utilizing it,and, um, requested him to show mehow to do it.

Your first stepis simply flip it on.


[ Switches on ] Worst factor I may dois bust somethin'.

Oh, ah! Oh, my gosh.


For extra of my renovationand my favourite moments with my wonderfuland loopy household.

Hey, Mock,I'm prepared for my bathtub.

Go to hgtv.


[ Floor sander whirring ] Cool.

It's an enormous distinction.

We had carpeting over it.

So I didn't even knowthere was wooden there.

, it seems model new.

And I wanna hire oneand do my very own home.

That's cool.


I do know.

It's very heavy.

It's a really heavygood old style door.

That is going to bethe backing of our lobby bench.

We're combining our outdateddwellingroom door and the storage benchour carpenter constructed.

We'll stain them to matchand connect classic hooks.

What I wanna do is I wanna matchthis bench to this stain.

We used poplar and birch.


It's gonna give it a pleasant,totally different type of texture.

That's whywe used two totally different woods.

See, I’m goinga little bit darker.

After which I'm.


It's okay.

what I imply? I can observe you.

No, 'trigger it's gonnawipe off.


This islooking actually good.

We obtained some crownmolding for the highest.


Now that our crownmolding is safe we're gonna put in our hooks.

That is so cute.

You prefer it? I adore it.

They give the impression of being fairly good.


Good and durable.

We are able to hangsome heavy winter coats for our brutal Cleveland winters And hatsand gloves and scarves.

All righty.

Maintain on.


That's it.

We're gonna raise it up.

And angle it to the left.



If I may push.

There we go.

All proper.

"Prest-O Change-O.

" All proper, Ker-bear.

These are risers.

So these are gonnago on the stairwell.

We spent numerous timeon these steps.

At Christmastime or Easter, we'd should siton these steps whereas Dad gotthe espresso for Mother.

It felt like hours.

Inform me why youpicked this shade.

As a result of it seems like somethingMom might need picked.


Within the '70s.


It's very retro.


So I decide outthese ornamental decals.

They tie in withthe theme of the home as a result of they’ve — they appear likelittle clouds, virtually.

I like what you didagainst the darkish wooden right here.

It's gonna add a pleasant, little.

It's gonna pop.

Pop of shade.

KERRY: These risers have beenreally simple to put in.

I don't know if yousaw me workin' on 'em Mm-hmm.

Or the place you have been.

Everybody at all times asks the place I’m.

The place you have been.

But it surely's like,"I'm not doin' nothin'.

" [ Honking ] Jess is right here.


Hey, Jecky.

I've obtained a little bit shock.

Oh, my gosh.



The place'd you get these? These are superior, Jess.


We're gonna use these.


They're church pews.

Jess, are these fromSt.

Jerome's? No.

We didn't steal 'emfrom church.


The place did you get them? Salvage firm.

Oh, I used to be gonna say.

They're not froman energetic church that we simply robbed their seats.

That might make me unhappy.

We're gonna reduce themfor our little frames to take a seat on.

They're heavy.

Are you able to get oneby your self or no? No.


Come on, little church pew.

What an evening.

Hello, guys.

Right here, why don't youput that within the heart? I introduced somemore footage to take a look at.

Tonight, we're havinga pizza-and-beer-and-wine social gathering.

Oh, we gotMom some espresso.

In your lovely mug.

This ain't espresso.

[ Laughter ] But it surely's rattling good.

We're sitting down to decide on the picturesfor our image rails.

I’ve some thatJess doesn't have.

Jess has some thatBrigette doesn't have.

So I feel it'll be interestingto see who has what.

I didn't even know that you simply hadthese footage, Ma.

I did.


I do.

Aw, Mother, there's youand I after I was little.

Mother, was I the fattest babyin the world? Mm-hmm.

It was fairly fats.

Why was my hairalways notoriously unhealthy, Mother? JESSICA: Yours?Have a look at my perm! We had some unhealthy.

Talking of haircuts, Ma.

How 'bout that one? Nice.

What's goin' on? My haircut's cute.

It's very uncommon thatall 5 of us are collectively.

It's a pleasant wayto take a pause, sit down and mirror on why we're doingthis challenge as a complete.

That desk ornament.

Aw, this image's awesomeof Dad on a ship.


That — this one's good.

That must be framed.

I like this image.

The inspiration of the houseand the house: It's the reminiscence of my dad.

All proper.

I thinkthis is fairly good.

We’ve got an excellent assortment.

We're gonna get herall of the pictures, give to Jess.

We are able to make copiesof the originals.

After which startto make the heritage wall.

Good concept.

We’re workingon the ending touches so we are able to present herwhat it seems like.

Prepared? M'kay.

Look, Mother.

Oh, my gosh.

All proper, Mike.

It is a church pew that we gotfrom a salvage place.

So I wanna reduce offthis L-axis, right here, and simply go away these 4inches of the particular pew.

This'll function, like,a ledge for the little frames.

And we gotta mountthis to the wall one way or the other? Proper.


We may fasten a chunk of 1-by to the wall.

Some kind of cleat? Yeah.

And dado out your shelf.


So after you try this,then I may simply screw the cleatin proper to the wall? After which may weput some screws in there.

Screws in to carry it safe.



It'll be a straightforward challenge.


After you doall the — the robust stuff,it's gonna be very easy.

You gotta assist me screw thesechurch pews in.

I had our carpentercut off most of it, simply to depart kindathe rail a part of it.

He routed out the middle.

And we put it on the wall right into a cleatto kinda maintain it in place and screwed it down.

She was the brainsand I used to be the brawn.


She simply informed me what to do.

And I screwed it in.

They lined up good.

I adore it.

I do know.

It's actually cool, truly.

And I like the way it matchesthe baseboard.

It does.

We've accomplished all the massive construct.

We've accomplished allof the development.

The whole lot's accomplished: the flooring,the French doorways, the image wall, the mirror.

So we’re workingon the ending touches.

Put a type of down there.

Down right here? Jess and Iare hanging the images with Kerry and Brigette's assist.

Brigette and Jesswill hold the mirror.



That appears good.


It seems actually good.

I really feel like we're reallymaking our mark from the design to, now, placing our stamp on it,all through the dwelling room, the lobby and eventhe stairwell.

We're doing thison a united entrance.

Jess, do you wanna pushthis up in opposition to the wall? Positive.

We try to get the restof the furnishings in place.

And we're waitingfor my mother to return.

So we are able to present herwhat it seems like.

Mother, shut your eyes.

Prepared? Okay.

Open your handsand shut your eyes.

You're in for a giant.

Don't stroll right into a wall.

Shock! Oh, my God, Monica.

Do you adore it? Oh, my God.

The hearth.

It's lovely.


You probably did an excellent job.

A extremely good job.

I feel I did too.

Antiqued it a little bit bit.

It's lovely.


The mirror's — It's the unique mirror.

And I reduce it down.

I framed it.

Oh, my God.

And I painted it white.

It's lovely.

And I such as you saved the unique brick down right here.


I wished to keepthat there.

So simply to,you recognize, outdated and new.

This ground, although.

They're your flooring.


Have a look at the gorgeous woodwork.

It brings all of it out,you recognize, in comparison with what it was.

Did you see whatJessica did, Mother? Look atmy lovely image wall.

Oh, my God.

Have a look at the wall of images.


Jess and I hung that.

We pulled all ofthe finest pictures from once we hadour pizza night time.

All people pulledthe favourite ones.

That's the very best pictureof dad up there, along with his hair messed.

I adore it,how they got here out.

These are outdated church pews.

See how one can make dowith sure issues? That is my favourite, what youand Dad at all times wished to do.

The French doorways.

And guess what? One of the best partof the French doorways is you’ll be able to open them up.

And it creates a circle.

You possibly can go straightthrough to the kitchen.

It's completely lovely.

And also you discover the doorover there may be gone, proper? Sure.

Comply with me.


It's the door! The door that we alwayswanted to do away with.

And look how lovely it’s.

And people steps.

It's fairly, huh? Oh, my God.

Who did the steps? Kerry did the risers.

Do you prefer it, Mother?It's decals.

We wished somethinga little bit brighter to kind of pop the wooden.

It's good that you simply keptthe unique woodwork.

And refinished every thing.

I like that you simply prefer it.

The whole lot's outdated however,you recognize, new.

It's good and clear.

It seems like our home once more.

We've put our palms on this.

We've accomplished the work.

And we're –we're actually pleased with it.

Good job, everybody.

Good job.

Thanks, Monkey.

And all that work was value it, simply to see the smileon my mother's face.

Love you, Mother.

Love you too.

Are you able to think about a treein right here at Christmastime? Sure.

I can.

It's gonna be lovely.

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